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34th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care

Singapore City, singapore

Deepak Bhattacharya

Deepak Bhattacharya

Combat Cancer At Home (NGO), India

Title: Nursing Defeats Cancer : What & How


Biography: Deepak Bhattacharya


Restricted dietary components (DC): Vitamins; Histamines; Enzymes; Mushroom; Green plantains; vegetables & crop grown with overuse of insecticides & pesticides (weekly intent clinical monitoring). Immerse such food material in a tub full of running water for an hour ~ de-ionized battery grade water (best). Why? Vitamins & Enzymes assist in bio-synthesis; growth of the existing neoplasias,  participate in robustising angiogenesis; also antagonize chemos (shorten blood life; ketones; renal load). Histamines step down body’s natural defense mechanism, assists migration of gone wrong mitochondria towards oxygen-rich locuses. Insecticides & pesticides up-regulate carcinogenic conditions. Milk normally causes gastric inconveniences & flatulence during chemos. Temperate fruits viz., apple not well indicated.

Strongly prohibited DC: Iodine; Sulphates; Phosphates; Phosphorus; anabolic hormones; Vit-A; Colocesia; Tuna & Mackerel fishes : (day to day clinical monitoring with concurrent investigations). Why?  Iodine is cholinergic and hence directly assists cell division. Sulphates; Phosphates assists poly paths in enzyme synthesis and in anabolic pathways. Phosphorous assists metastasis especially to soft and spongy tissues (omentum & especially to bladder~prostrate). Colocesia has tumor growth factors (potent). Each one is also interactive with all others with an up-regulation mechanics. Xenobiotics inducers.


Up-regulators: Arsenic (homeo); anabolic hormones; biphasic entities (e.g., gamma-Aminobutyric acid, tramadol, pregabalin); mood makers;  anti-diabetes (sitagliptin); etc.,  effectively masks; radio-chemicals fail most moieties and also provide impetus to the gone wrong mitochondria. Confabulates, confound & fails conventional therapies. Up-regulates cancer process and mechanics.

Prescribed  DC (pro synergistic with Conventional Therapies SCT) : Capsicum; Non-Lymphatic cancer require,  green chilies; spicy food; nuts & berries; natural glucosamine from the top portion of sugar cane; wheat; flour; rice; rice products; lintels; soups; chowmin; fast food; crabs – crustaceans; egg; meat; butter; clarified butter; mustard oil; brinjal (wild xanthocarpum best); brine; wine; gram & mixed powder (satua); non-iodised salt; ayurvedic medicinal fruits; ascorbates; tannins; maize & its products; minor millets, etc.  Special: Tropo-Equatorial citrus fruits. Coconut kernel.  Lymphatic cancers require Custard apple; fructose; breathing exercises; Ozone topical; and Yoga.  Non-leukemia cancer requires sun-light exposure and ambulation. Leukemias require rest under shade in moist conditions. 

Dietary  Supplements SCT: Custard apple (annona squ) unripe/ripe is strongly prophylactic & therapeutic against mammary cancer. Kendu (diospyrous melanoxylon) is very effective anti-mitosis; anti-viral and delivers miracle in most of the cancers other than leukemia. The rhizome Mutha (cyperous rotundus) is yeomanly helpful in leukemias; The herbs Prionitis Berelia (ariel parts) & Brinjle (xanthocrapum aerial parts, fruit & seed) is a tumor/cancer anti-angiogenesis and anti-tissue, respectively. Dayana (artemisia vulgaris) is strongly anti-mitosis; process scavenger and disinfectant. Indo medicinal Dalim (punica granatum) is the safe, best, most potent anti-inflammatory cum process scavenger; anti-viral, also trigger opens the eurolithin pathway for drug moiety loaded fooddiet. Lauha vasma (iron ascorbate & monomeric complexes of ferrous carboxylate); Tamra vasma (do) & Kansa-vasma (do); these act on the gone wrong lysosomes and trigger apoptosis, cancer cell death, fail metastasis and effect metastasis withdrawal (especially from bones & lever) ~  Activate dioxygen binding in hemerythrin. Add a hand grinded paste with turmeric & pepper to act as a buffer. These conjointly act as master failer of cancer when given with low-end chemos. All with conventional therapies.

Lifestyle (Nurse) :  Hand holding & Storytelling. Act as the sensory organ of the whole health care system by acting as eagle-eyed and owl alert. Maintain dairy. Peer group interaction & correspondence. Invite all and describe how the patient is improving, is God blessed. What a  combatant the patient is!  What resilient mindset the patient has !; etc. (Patient): Non-leukemia cancer requires sun-light exposure & ambulation. Rest under shade in moist conditions; work & cold, dry winds are deleterious in leukemias.  All types ~ Aimless gossip & talk;  TV; movie; deep breathing ~ helps.  Late to Bed & Late to rising. Be active and engage in work (Save & Except Kidney/Prostrate/Bladder Cancer).    (Community) :  Must visit your neighborhood cancer patient ~ helps hugely. Communes fight cancer. (Relatives) : This is the time to visit the afflicted. Offer tasty handmade eatables. Stay-put, gossip, reminiscences.  Above, feed & forget.